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Susan Petersen, Principal

Dana Heinz, Office Manager

Cindy LeLaurin, Secretary


5120 Myrtle Drive Concord, CA 94521

Phone: 925-682-7686

Fax: 925-827-2521


Attendance Hotline:

(925) 682-8000 x 85708



School Office Hours:

7:15 am - 3:45 pm

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Ayers Elementary School has been educating young minds and empowering students since 1962. Serving students K-5 and with an enrollment of about 400 students, you will definitely feel like you are part of a community when you are here. Ayers friendly faculty work together as a team,  there is a high level of parent involvement and our PTA is excited to welcome volunteers with fresh and new ideas. So, come by and check us out!

Fund For Excellence $200 (includes Child's Ayers Tshirt)

For more information on our PTA click HERE.

PTA Membership $12


The first day of school is Monday, August 25, 2014


      The School Office will re-open on Monday, August 4th

                            Have a great summer!




Our spirit wear store is now online!!

Buy an Ayers shirt, pre-purchase a PTA membership, or make a donation!

You can pay with your Paypal account!

Click on the link below:




Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions at AyersSpiritWear@gmail.com


Classroom Supply Lists

Please note that you or your student are not required to purchase, donate, or contribute any of the requested items on the school supply lists.

Transitional Kindergarten

*   1 box of Kleenex

*   1 bottle of anti bacterial soap with pump

*   Glue sticks!

*   Items for the Treasure Box

*   A loose leaf folder with pockets:  these can    be purchased for a minimal amount from the PTA or you can purchase a folder with pockets from any store that carries school supplies.  The folder will be used for homework and communication.  Please mark your child’s first and last name on the folder.

*   A backpack that can hold a full size folder and lunchbox. 

*   Antibacterial wipes

*   Baby wipes

*   play dough (homemade or store bought)

*   Shaving cream (not the gel type)

*   Green index cards

Donations that would also be appreciated…

  • Ball(s) for the playground
  • Chalk for the playground
  • 61 HP inkjet cartridges
  • galloon zip lock bags

Please note that this is a donation suggestion and not a requirement.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade


If you would like to contribute classroom supplies for your student, the following items are suggested by the Kindergarten Teacher:

Pump hand soap

Pump hand sanitizer

Markers- thick 8 or 10 count (preferably Crayola)

Crayons- 16 or 24 count (preferably Crayola)

Ayers  Folder (will be available for purchase at Walk-Through) or folder with pockets at the bottom


Paper plates

Glue sticks (24 each)

Baby wipes

1st Grade

The following items are invaluable and any classroom donation would be greatly appreciated!

A two pocket folder

This goes back and forth from home to school every day, the plastic Ayers folders work great and they last all year! Ayers folders will be available for purchase at the walk-through in August.

Colored pencils

12 pack only…anything larger won’t fit in their box, the traditional kind work best, the“Twistables” break and wear out much faster

Pink Eraser

Glue Sticks

We make lots of things


First graders get colds

Baby Wipes

When making lots of things, we get dirty

Black Sharpies

To make our stuff look polished

Real Wood Pencils

(the cute wrapped ones kill our pencil sharpeners)

We do a lot of learning and we can never have enough sharpened pencils!


2nd Grade


This is a list of supplies that are suggested for 2nd grade.  If you are planning on purchasing supplies, please send them by Wednesday, August 27, 2014.

Ayers Bears Blue Folder (will be available for purchase at Walk-Through) or a two pocket folder

Backpack (large enough to hold a 3 ring zipper binder)

Zipper binder (1.5 inch)

Pencil Box-any color (2 1/4H x 5 1/4W x 8 1/4L)

#2 pencils (12 count-sharpened)

Colored pencils (24 count-preferably Crayola brand)

Pink erasers

Pencil sharpener (with shavings catcher)

3 pens – one each in red, green and blue

Black sharpies (fine point and extra fine)

Spiral notebook (1 subject, 70 sheets)

Student Scissors (Fiskars recommended)


Ziploc bags (gallon, quart, small)

One package of stickers (incentives to be earned and cashed in at sticker store)

Toys for the sticker store (Dollar Store, Target, Kmart, etc).


3rd Grade

If you would like to contribute classroom supplies for your student, the following items are suggested by the 3rd Grade Teachers:

Two sharpened #2 pencils

Pencil sharpener (with shavings catcher)

Thin markers

Colored pencils (24 count)

Small pencil box


Hand Sanitizer

Wide ruled notebook paper

Black Expo low odor markers

Baby wipes


4th Grade

If you would like to contribute classroom supplies for your student, the following items are suggested by the 4th Grade Teachers:

1 Binder (2 inches maximum)

Tab dividers for dividing binder into subjects/sections (5 total)

1 small box/pack of sheet protectors

Composition book or spiral notebook (wide ruled preferred)

Pencil box (standard size please)

Box of #2 pencils (it is helpful to sharpen them prior to the start of school) or 7 mm mechanical pencils

Colored pencils (12 or 24 count only)

Small (non-electric) pencil sharpener (with shavings catcher)

Pink or White eraser (standard size)

A small pack of pencil top erasers (no toy-like pencil top erasers, please)

Glue stick (1 large sized or a couple of smaller sized ones)

Thin Expo Markers  

**You may wish to consider stocking up on some of those frequently used supplies (pencils, glue sticks, etc.) and keep them on hand to restock your child’s supply needs throughout the year.**


We gratefully accept donations of the following supplies for classroom use throughout the year:


Thin Colored Markers                                    Thick Colored Markers

Kleenex                                                           Baby Wipes

A ream of white copy paper                            Glue Sticks (permanent)

Sheet Protectors                                           Pencil top erasers

Colored Pencils                                               7 mm lead for mechanical pencils


5th Grade

If you would like to contribute classroom supplies for your student, the following items are suggested by the 5th Grade Teachers:

#2 pencils (preferably Dixon Ticonderoga)

Pencil sharpener (with shavings catcher)

Fine tip markers

Red correcting pen

Highlighter marker

Dry-Erase markers (dark colors please – no neon- preferably Expo)

White board eraser

Spiral notebooks (three  each)

Two-pocket folders (five each please)


Please, no zippered binders or pencil boxes.  They are too large for desk.

Colored pencils or markers to share with class.



We need your support

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Up Coming Events

  • Aug. 19 - Back to School Walk - Thru 11-1 or 5-7
  • Aug. 22 - TK and Kindergarten Meet the Teacher 10:00
  • Aug. 25 - First Day of School
  • Aug. 26 - TK and Kindergarten Back to School Night
  • Aug. 28 - Grades 1 - 5 Back to School Night

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