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What is Dollar-a-Day Fund?

The PTA remains fully committed to bridging the financial gap between public funding and the true cost of the full educational experience we all want for our students at Ayers. Every single student benefits from the Ayers Dollar-A-Day Fund.

Ayers PTA is responsible for funding the following vital programs and staff:

·      Carvinal

·      Book Fair

·      Assemblies  

·      Family Dance            

·      Classroom Supplies 

·      Recognition Awards  

·      Family Movie Nights 

·      Teacher Appreciation Week

·      School Spirit Wear

·      School Instructional Assistants

·      And Much, Much More!


The Ayers PTA spends $180 each school year per student. In order to maintain and add to our current level of excellence we need your financial support. 


100% Participation is the Goal!


We know that every family situation is different, so the goal of the Ayers Dollar-A-Day Fund is to receive 100% participation regardless of the dollar amount. No amount is too small, and it will make a difference for our school. 


The recommended donation for the 2022-2023 school year is $180!


Thank you for your support!

We need your support

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Dollar a Day Fund