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Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

For the safety of all of our students, please drive slowly and follow our traffic procedures:

→      The circle in front of the school is open for student drop off or pick up.  Drop off and pick up are ONLY from the right lane, near the curb. At drop-off, please pull as far forward as possible, let your student out, and then proceed to keep the line moving.   The left lane is for drive out; Do NOT let your student out of your car from the left lane.

→      As you exit our traffic circle, if you are in the left lane you must turn left, if you are in the right lane you must turn right.   Please be aware and yield to students/parents who are using the crosswalk.

→  There is NO school traffic or parking allowed on Oakridge Court.

→      The circle in front of the Multi-purpose room is ONLY for buses.

→ All parking spaces in the front lots are for staff only and are identified with a parking permit.  All others must park on the street.

→ The white zone on Myrtle Drive is not for parking.  It is now part of our drive through/drop off lane coming into the circle.

→ Do not stop or park in any red zones.

→ No U-turns are allowed anywhere on Myrtle Drive.

→ Please do not let your student off in the middle of the street.  

→ Please be courteous to our neighbors by not parking in or blocking their driveways.

→ Kindly leave the handicapped spots open for drivers with a DMV issued placard or license plate.  

Please plan your mornings so that students are in line by 7:40 a.m. Classes begin each day promptly at 7:42 a.m.